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AWS Redshift

Category: Database Amazon Redshift is a cloud-based data warehousing solution provided by AWS. It is an OLAP type of database service that runs complex queries across a huge dataset. These services are […]


Category: Database There is a reason why database software exists, and why normal flat file storage is not used to store data that is generally stored in a database. The main reason […]


Category: Network AWS VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) provides a networking and security layer for the deployed AWS resources like EC2, RDS, and similar other resources. VPCs form the basis of any cloud […]


Category: Storage Amazon provides object storage service in the form of S3 – Simple Storage Service. This service is used to store data in the form of objects or files. It is […]

Deployment Woes

In a greenfield implementation, it is not challenging at all because you are the one defining the rules. But, planning an additional micro-service into an already existing landscape can get to you if above concerns are not addressed.

Docker – Networking

Containerization of applications gives a certain peace of mind to everyone. It’s great – the way applications can be wrapped into platform-agnostic containers which run on any system. Containers provide a generic […]