This is a list of books that I have read and I would like to recommend.

Cloud Native DevOps with KubernetesJohn Arundel, Justin Domingus
The Go Programming LanguageAlan Donovan, Brian Kernighan
The TOGAF Standard, Version 9.2The Open Group
Think and Grow RichNapolean Hill
The Art Of Saying NODamon Zahariades
The SecretRhonda Byrne
Eloquent Javascript Marjin Haverbeke
Terraform: Up & RunningYevgeniy Brikman
The Docker BookJames Turnbull
IkigaiHector Garcia
The Power Of Your Subconscious MindDr. Joseph Murphy
The Da Vinci CodeDan Brown
The Science Of Mind ManagementSwami Mukundananda
Digital FortressDan Brown
The Southwest Airlines WayJody Hoffer Gittel
How To Get LuckyMax Gunther