Tech-related non-Tech writeups, on Patreon.

What’s in it for you?

  • Self-taught programmer content.
  • Tips on developer productivity.
  • “Career in Tech” conversations.
  • Architecture discussions.
  • Importance of Learning, Learning, and more Learning.
  • My 10+ years of corporate experience in tech, condensed.
  • Tips on being financially independent in Tech!
  • Opportunities for “My brain, Your issue”
  • A lot of technical stuff related to computers, viewed from a different perspective.
  • Request to review your product.
  • Occasional shoutouts.

Who is this for?

  • For anyone and everyone interested in computers!
  • For newcomers in Tech, with whom I share “Things I wish I knew”, and general Tech career counselling stuff.
  • For few-years-down-the-liners, with whom I share how to approach new Tech/Tools for pivoting purposes.
  • For mid-seniors, with whom I would love to share thoughts on the latest trends in Tech.
  • For seniors, with whom I would love to discuss more and gain more insights into the industry.
  • Not one of those? – Sign up anyway cause, knowledge is never wasted.

What else? – Get to know me!

  • Occasional updates on the latest technologies I am working on.
  • My experiences around life as a developer in the corporate and startup world.
  • My interests in reference architectures and frameworks sometimes make me form an opinion, which I would like to bloat about.
  • Side project updates – I dream of inviting you as beta users sometime in the future!
  • I am also interested in answering your questions by trying my best to converse with each one of you.
  • Lastly, my really honest opinions. Rants? May be?