Kubestack – GitOps for K8s using Terraform

Remember when DevOps was newly trending? The tech world has been putting a lot of effort to reduce the gap between Development and Operations. The core idea was to make developers and operations experts work in synergy. Organizations are reaping the benefits of DevOps in terms of team collaboration, a smarter way of working, and […]

Vantage point for AWS landscape

Have you recently admired AWS cloud platform capabilities? Are you appealed by the pay-as-you-use pricing model? Are you looking forward to hosting your products and services on AWS? Then you should also be prepared to spend hours figuring out why you are paying that penny! Today AWS offers 200+ Managed IAAS services and each of […]

Python Internals – 3

Frames, scope, objects Above image represents the Python environment and essentially is one of the high level ways to represent how the code works internally. While programming in Python we `def`ine functions. Every function has it’s own scope which corresponds to `frames`. Every frame maintain it’s value stack. Value stack is used by bytecode to […]

Python Internals – 2

Example walk through Let us take a look at how a simple program is executed in Python world. Compilation Save this program in a file named `test.py` and execute using Python and you should see below output. Now, in order to understand what happened in the background (the Purple box) let us take a first […]

Python Internals – 1

Intro and Installation Overview This is a fairly large topic. Every body learns python for the sake of being an easy language – it is coming out to be an essential languages to be learnt thanks to AI/ML ecosystem. Of course there are other usages of Python as well. Learning this language is easy, but […]

PoC to Production Grade

Security is of utmost importance when hosting your production workloads into public cloud. It is one thing to host a non-critical web resource publicly, but it is altogether a different game when considering to host a production grade application on the internet. After all, what do we mean by production grade? And why is it […]

Custom Interactive Filter for ServiceNow Dashboards

Once upon a time, there used to be a type of script called Jelly script. Wait, used to be? Or is it still around? Of course, it is! It’s 2021 and I happened to have a brushing encounter with Jelly script in ServiceNow.  4 years back I thought I could conveniently forget it since Service […]

Achieving Operational Excellence in AWS

Category: AWS Well-Architected Framework Operational excellence is one of the pillars of AWS Well-Architected Framework in which it suggests ways at various levels in an organization to achieve OpEx. OpEx essentially means running your operations in the most efficient ways. It could be application operations or platform operations.  Every organization defines its business objectives. To […]

How To Optimize AWS Cloud Costs?

Category: AWS Well-Architected Framework Cloud providers like AWS have already made lives easy by taking all your infrastructure-related worries away. This comes at a cost, but it is still very cost-efficient. Moreover, talking about costs – just doesn’t stop here. As they say, there is always scope for improvement. In this post, we take a […]

Why Do You Need Cloud Cost Optimization?

Category: AWS Well Architected Framework The title of the post could also be read as – “Why don’t you want to save money?”. Well there it is, the answer to the question, you may not even read further. However, if you are interested to know certain aspects of AWS Cloud Cost Optimization then this post […]


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