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AWS CloudFront

Category: Networking Folks working in web development are familiar with CDNs – Content Delivery Networks. CDNs help in a way accelerate the delivery of static content like media, HTML, CSS, JSS files […]

AWS Route 53

Category: Networking Accessing anything on the internet is not as simple as typing a web address and hitting enter. Although you get the desired content in your browser in a fraction of […]

AWS Config

Category: Monitoring AWS Config plays a major role while managing the compliance of your cloud infrastructure. It helps you keep track of all the configuration changes your infrastructure goes through over a […]

AWS CloudWatch

Category: Monitoring Any infrastructure – cloud or on-prem – that hosts and supports a business service at a technical level needs monitoring. Monitoring is an essential part of infrastructure maintenance and helps […]

AWS CloudTrail

Category: Monitoring Know how a flight recorder works? Flight recorders are installed in every aircraft to record everything that happens to the systems during a flight. In case of a disaster, these […]


Category: Security Let’s talk about AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). You may ask, isn’t this something that needs to be talked about at the beginning? Well, IAM is one of the […]

AWS DynamoDB

Category: Database No-SQL databases are non-relational databases and they have a different approach to storing data. Having said that there are similarities and differences between SQL and No-SQL databases as well as […]

AWS Redshift

Category: Database Amazon Redshift is a cloud-based data warehousing solution provided by AWS. It is an OLAP type of database service that runs complex queries across a huge dataset. These services are […]